My name is Brittany and I currently hurt my knee playing soccer. This blog will tell my story, and my road to recovery. It was September 16, 2010 and I was playing soccer for my team. I play goalie, and I’m pretty good! A girl was dribbling toward me, 1 on 1, and I had no choice but to run out and try and stop her. While I was running, I stepped in a whole and heard my knee pop. I then went down, and was in so much pain I was screaming. It was some of the worst pain I had felt in my whole life. They stopped the game, and my coach and a trainer then came out to help me. I hobbled off the field in pain, and they laid me down and put ice on my knee. The trainer thought it was a torn acl for sure, and the needed to get me home in a hurry. I was 45 minutes away from my home, and my mom was not at my game. I then had to have another parent drive me 45 minutes to my house. It was the worst drive of my life! I was crying the whole time, the pain was almost unbearable. When I got home, my family immediately took me to the hospital, and luckily my grandpa is a doctor, so we got in really fast. My grandpa then checked my knee, and also thought it was a torn acl. He then ordered an x-ray and we got that done. That was very painful too. They saw no breaks in the bones, but he ordered an MRI to check it deeper. My grandpa, or doctor, called the orthopedic, and asked what he could do. Dr. Anderson, my orthopedic doctor, ordered him to drain the blood out of my knee, so it would release some of the pain. I really did not want him to do this, cuz I’m kinda a wimp haha, but he insisted. So he then proceeded to numb my knee by sticking a small needle in it, and putting some fluid into it. Then my knee felt pretty good until he stuck the larger needle in, to drain the blood out. This hurt pretty bad, but a whole syringe of blood got filled up! it was pretty gross :/ then after that he ace bandaged it up, and got me a brace, and a prescription for pain killers, and then I got some crutches, and went home for the night... and that was the first day... at that point little did I know that this was much worse than I thought it was, and it would be more than 2 months until I would even walk on my leg again....


The next day, September 17, 2010 was the MRI. It was pretty interesting getting the MRI. I had never gotten once since then, so i was a little scared. But it was just a huge machine that made weird noises. It was also very loud so they had to give me earplugs. My whole body went in, except my head, i was grateful for that, cuz if my head was in there i probably would have freaked out haha. But it took about 20 min, and then i was done and got to go home! That weekend we had to travel up north for my great grandpas funeral, a 4 hour car drive! it was the 2nd worse drive of my life! and on the way back home, we got the results of the MRI, and it was so much worse than we thought it was... I had completely torn my ACL, completely torn my meniscus, strained my MCL, and i broke my tibia plateua. I had really torn up my knee. Because of the break, i could not put any pressure on it at all. I was shocked to hear that i had done all of that to my knee. They were all pretty serious injuries. After hearing this news, i knew i was not going to be playing anymore soccer for the rest of the season, and that was devestating... my mom then called the orthopedic, and scheduled an appointment... my appointment wasn't until the 24th. I couldn't go to school, i couldn't do anything! that was one of the most boring week of my life! luckily i had a lot of visitors! That week still went by pretty slow, and then came the doctors appt...

This was day 4, it looks like i have no kneecap!

Doctors appt...

Dr. Anderson was my orthopedic. When i went to the appt. He scheduled the surgery 2 weeks after my appt, so on the 6th of october. that seemed like forever to me cuz i was on crutches, and the crutches sucked! but i couldn't  do anything about it, so two more weeks of waiting it was! Dr Anderson said to repair the ACL, he was going to take a piece of my pateller tendon and use that to replace my ACL. What he was going to do with the rest of the injuries, he would just have to wait until he saw them to know. He said i was going to have a scar down the front of my leg, and a few holes around it, but i wasn't too worried about the scar, it was going to be a cool battle wound haha so I left the appt. thinking 2 more weeks was no big deal, but it was the longest two weeks of my life! my knee got more swollen, and it never stopped hurting! school was a pain, cuz of the cutches, and i was only able to go half the time, so i was falling behind quickly. The two weeks seriously seemed like a month, but it finally passed, and it was time for the surgery...
Day 11 comparison, gross


My surgery was scheduled for 9 am, so pretty early. I was really scared since my mom made me watch this video haha if you wanna watch a animation of the ACL repair, then check this website out and this is ONLY the acl repair haha. So they prepped me for surgery, putting in an IV and telling me all that was going to happen. They took me in a little early like 8:40. So, they gave me a little anesthesia, and then they took me back to the surgery room. They had to find out where to numb my knee, so they numbed my hip, with a needle of course haha and then they stuck a bigger needle in my hip, and it was shocking my leg! it was way crazy, and it hurt! They had to poke me like 5 times! But then they gave me the real anestesia, and the next thing i know, i was waking up. But not waking up peacefully, i was waking up in so much pain that i was screaming, and not breathing very well, so they gave me a pain pill and put me back to sleep for a while. when i woke up, i was feeling a lot better, my pain went down to an 8, which is somewhat tolerable. i then looked at the clock and found out it was 12:40! i was in surgery for like 4 hours! i was shocked! then after a i had a chance to wake up a little, they got me in a wheelchair, and i went out to see my mom. They then got my a cool ice cooler thing and sent me home! my follow up appt was 2 weeks from that day, but he told me to go start physical therapy that friday! i couldn't believe it. but the worst thing ever, was getting in the car, it was so so painful! luckily i only had like a 10 minute drive. Then i went home and slept for the rest of that day practically, only getting up to go to the bathroom. The next day, i was a little more awake, so my mom told me more about the surgery. She told me that my knee was even worse than dr. anderson had thought. They repaired my acl like planned, and that went good, but both my right and left meniscus' were torn, and they had to repair them. so that wasn't good news but luckily the strained mcl, and the brocken tibia plateau would heal themselves in due time. I knew after that, that it was going to be a long recovery. I slept most of that day too, and then friday i had physical therapy...

First Physical Therapy session...

Getting in the car on the way to PT (physical therapy) was so much pain! ah when i got in a sorda comfortable position, i promised i would never get in the car again haha but then i took some pain meds after i got in, and that helped with the pain. When i got to PT my mom went in and got me a wheelchair, which i was so thankful for. then we went in, and they took me back to the therapist. i was scared cuz i was in pain still, and i DID NOT want to move it all. But luckily all the doctor did was do a few stretches with me, and take some of the bandaging off. The stretches i had to do were not that difficult, my mom just had to help me haha since i couldn't lift my leg at this point, she had to hold it, and straighten it out as far i could, which was not very far haha then she had to bend it as far as i could, which was about 5 degrees at that point. then i had to move my foot around a lot, so i wouldn't get blood clots, and i had to flex my quad muscle, so that would stay somewhat strong. And that was about it for the 1st session! not as bad as i thought! My next appt was on the next tuesday, and thats when i had to start movin it around...
oh ya, my mom almost passed out hahah :)
1st PT session, pretty bloody!

2nd and 3rd PT

after the 1st PT, my mom found me a wheelchair, so i didn't have to use those stupid crutches anymore! yay!! my next PT session was on the next  tuesday, and this session was a little different. they put me on this like shocking machine that made my muscles flex, it was pretty cool! then he massages my calf and quad to get the blood moving around, then did the stretching exercises with me. the 2nd PT i could bend it to about 10 degrees, and couldn't really straighten it any farther that the 1st time. then he put me on this way cool machine that kinda bent my knee for me, and by the end of the 2nd session i was bending it to about 20 degrees! i was way proud haha then he took all the bandages off down to the actual incision, so that was pretty cool! but looked pretty gross and that pretty much was it for the second session! the 3 session was really good! It hurt the most out of all of them tho. He put my on the shocker machine, and then massaged it, and then did the excercises with me, and then taught me a new one haha i had to lay down and put my foot up against the wall and then slide it up and down the wall and bend and straighten it as far as i can. after him stretching it out (which hurts way bad) and doing the wall excercise, i could bend my knee to about 70 degrees! i was making progress! it just really hurts to straighten it, which is normal, but i really need to work on it. i also could let my knee dangle off a chair! which was also huge, cuz now i could sit in my wheelchair without having a pillow under it! so i went on the knee bending machine, and then that was it for the 3rd session! i decided not to go back for a week, so i can save my visits for later on, when i can actually walk on it, oh ya :( he said i probably cant put any weight on it for another 3-7 weeks :( worse news of my life... but at least i could bend it, and i was making progress! and thats pretty much it for the pt so far! my next appt is on thursday, and thats also the date of my appt with dr anderson! so, we'll see how it goes! a week is a long time... hope i survive!
under all the bandages!

All my muscle is gone :(

today i bent my knee to 90 degrees!! such a great accomplishment! i also realized that i have like no more muscle left in my leg! here take a look at this pic, and see for yourself...
no muscle :(

one tear shed

today i went to the doc to get my stitches out! the little ones didn't even hurt, but the long one hurt too bad, so they couldn't get it out. so luckily it was dissolvable, so they just left it in. then the assistant came in, his name was bruce haha, he gave me some pretty cool pics, and then told me i shouldn't put any weight on it for about 4-6 more weeks! i almost started crying, but decided to just be mad instead. but then he said he better go check with dr anderson first, and then he came back and told me i could put just i little of weight on it! i was so happy! even tho i have to be on crutches, at least i can still put a lil weight on it! :) i was so happy! then he also said that i could get a new brace! it was just such a good day! even tho between physical therapy, the doc appt, and getting my brace was 3 hours long! it was still a good day :) and between all this, i only shed one tear haha :)

I need to get my leg straight!!

When i went to physical therapy on tuesday, i got to do some new machines! i had to do the sitting down bike (as usual) but then i got to do the tredmill, i had to stand off to the side with my left foot, and then with my right foot i moved it in the walking direction, so it gets used to doing the walking motions again haha i look so funny doing it tho! and then i had to do a machine when you lay on your back and move up and down, and that works on the bending. I also had to do one where you sit down, and straighten your leg as far as it will go, and the you push this button and it pushes your leg about 1/4 an inch farhter, so that one was the most painful, and i had to go back on thursday, so i was not very happy haha... so i went to physical therapy today, and i didn't have very much improvement, and my PT wasn't very happy with my progress. He said that if i didn't get it straighter, they would have to put me to sleep, and straighten it for me :( he also made me cry cuz he was pushing it to where it was too far, and it was very painful! it was the worst PT EVER! so he said that over the weekend i need to straighten it a lot so i won't have to get put to sleep again! so, that weekend all i did was straighten it! i did it sitting in a desk at school, and at home ALL THE TIME! it hurt way bad, but i knew i had to do it... so when i went back to PT the next tuesday, it was no longer at a -7, it straightened out to a -5! i was so happy cuz that meant i didnt need to get put back to sleelp! I did all my exercises again, and then he watched me walk on it, which at this point my walking was getting really good!, so he saw me walk on it, and said that next week i could probably go to one crutch!-well if my leg was strong enoughg-so i gotta get working on the getting it stronger thing! but one crutch will be so much easier! cuz i can carry things with one hand! it was a really good day :) and now im still just trying to bend and straighten it, and putting more and more pressure on it, so it will get stronger and i will be able to move to one crutch in a week! oh ya and the scars looking pretty good except the stitch is hanging out of it in 3 different places, but it should dissolve and eventually be okay! but thats it so ya....

Update :)

well things have been going pretty good! my knee got pretty straight over the past 2 weeks so hopefully i dont have to go back into surgery! but we will find out for sure when i go back to dr anderson in 1 week. physical therapy has been going pretty good! the last time i went i got the red line to touch the bar, so that means it was all the way straight! even tho i could only leave it there for like 5 seconds haha but at least i did it! the whole office was watching me :) haha i have a friend in there now! his name is wade, and he always wears a boulavard home furnishings shirt haha hes way too old for me luckily! but he thinks he wants me haha little does he know im so young! but it still makes things interesting haha so about a week ago, my leg woulnd kinda opened up in one spot, and it was oozing puss, so we thought it was infected, so we had to go to the doctor... we went in there, and he looked at it and was like oh theres probably a little stitch in there that can't dissolve, so he gets these pair of tweezers and grabs the stitch and starts pulling and it started coming out, and still coming, and still coming until finally 4 inches of stitch later, it ends! yes i had 4 inches of stitch still in my knee!! he was like oh i guess you cant dissolve that kind of stitch haha ya i guess so! when he was pulling out, i could feel it coming out of the incision, it didn't hurt, it actually felt kinda good cuz i knew it needed to come out haha i started kinda laugh cried when he pulled it out cuz i was in shock a little but it was also funny cuz who knew that that thing was in me?? haha it was a very interesting experience! now it finally scabbed over, and i think it is going to be ok! i also have been able to start walking with one crutch! it is so much easier, oh and i can also drive again! it has been 2 months now, and its seemed like forever but now that i can put quite a bit of pressure on it, its better, and it makes things a lot simpler! i went to a school dance last weekend and survived walking around on it then, so i can do anything! my leg is pretty tired, but im starting to get some muscle back... or at least i get to think so haha but ya things are going good, just slow, which is expeceted... but at least im headed in the right direction :)  oh and this pic is me and my date at the dance haha getting mad at my stupid crutches

I. Can. WALK!

this is practically the best post by far cuz yes i can finally walk! it's been two months since the injury, and  i never thought this wonderful day would come! haha i went to the doctors office on tuesday and he said everything was looking good :) he gave an A+ in stability, which is really funny cuz hes the one that did that, and then a B+ on flexion and extention which is bending and straightening. he said i could start swimming and lifting weights with my arms, which is also great news cuz i can start exercising again :) well not to intense, but i can still do a little bit :) so for the most part, everything is good! :) when i went to physical therapy before that, and i straghtened my leg out to -5 which means i only have 5 more degrees to go! which might not seem like a lot, but its only straightened out 2 degrees in a month :/ so were still a little worried about that, but i work really hard on it every day. people may not realize how hard it is to be in serious physical pain every day, but it is really tiring! haha i know i shouldn't feel sorry for myself anymore, but this whole thing has been really hard, not only physically, but mentally as well! im glad i have been able to overcome all of this! but anyways... haha i love walking! i have two hands to hold stuff and i can get places a lot faster, sure people still look at me like im stupid or something, but at least i can walk. it is still a very noticable limp, but i don't even care! haha it hurts my leg only if i walk far distances, but for the most part it feels fine. i still have to walk kinda hunched over cuz my knees not straight, but who cares?? haha i went to the gym finally after 2 months, and i was so grateful! even tho i had to take the elavator upstairs, cuz i can't go up or down the stairs yet haha at least i was there! i can walk the track 3 times around which is about 1/4th of a mile, and then my leg is dead! i can do arm weights, so thats good :) it has just been such a good week, and i can't wait until my leg is all better! I go back to the doc in 6 weeks, which will be after christmas! crazy huh?! and i still have to go to phyiscal therapy every tuesday and thursday which is getting annoying, but i still have a long way to go, so i better get used to it! my friends have started inviting me to more places, cuz i can walk now haha, and so my life is getting much much better! the only downer to this is i cant say to people anymore... "at least you can walk!" haha jk  but thats about it for the past week! and im so thankful for everyone that reads this! haha i only say that cuz it was thanksgiving this week! oh and im sosososososoooooooooo thankful i can walk :) well so'long friends! :)

easier life!

yes now that i can walk my life is so much easier! haha i have two free hands and i can carry stuff! it's so awesome! i did fall on it when i was working, which was a very scary experience. luckily i didn't damage the inside, i just bruised the incision, which hurt really bad, but luckily i was ok :)  it just scared the crap out of me haha and well theres nothing really to say about it, just that its feeling a lot better, and i think its actually getting strong again! i still cant straighten it all the way, or bend it all the way, but who cares? i can walk haha i still go to physical therapy twice a week  which im starting to hate more and more, just cuz i think i don't need it anymore, but i definately do haha well thats it, and its almost christmas! yes :)

Physical Therapy Video!

i decided to make physical therapy interesting, and video the exercises that i have to do! well maddie videod them, haha thanks maddie! but i can't post them on this website cuz it costs money, so i posted them on youtube, and i'll post the links on here! my leg is doing good! pretty much the same things are happening, walking is getting easier, and i can walk for longer :) it's going good! i can't say anything bad about physical therapy anymore cuz i know my physical therapists are reading this now haha jk physical therapy is fine, it still hurts, but i know it's what i need to be doing to get my leg better :) just to be a suck up, i love my physical therapists! danielle is like the and jon, well jon is just jon haha he hurts my leg so were not bffs but it's his job so i respect him for it! at least they try to make it fun haha :) it feels like i should be able to run and do stuff, but i know it's still weak :( but hopefully soon! it's nice to be able to walk around at school, and go to stores now haha it makes you appreciate things a lot more! christmas is right around the corner, and im so excited!
enjoy! haha


well yesterday i went to the gym and i could finally ride a stationary bike! yay :) almost the best time at the gym ever haha but i after i biked i went swimming, and then after i swam, i could straighten my leg all the way! so awesome haha i was so happy! it could finally lock straight after 3 months since surgery. then today i went to dr. andersons, and he was very proud of my progress, and he said there was no complaints so that was good :) we did have to wait 2 hours for him to finally talk to me, which is a ridiculous time to wait for a 5 minute appt. but oh well... he said i could start running for a short amount of time :) which is good news! and the best news is that i can get a new brace! yesss! i actually get a cool one this time that athletes wear, and it will actually fit to my leg and it wont fall down, and maybe it will be small enough to fit under my jeans, and that will be good! the only bad thing is the scar.. it is keloid? i think thats how you spell it.. but ya it means there is a lot of extra scar tissue, so it's really bumpy and red and ugly haha but that hardly matters, well thats what everyone is saying, but there not the ones that have to deal with it haha and then ppl are going to notice it more and then i have to explain it a buttload of times haha but oh well, at least the inside of my knee is doing good! when i went to pyhsical therapy today, i walked in and i told jon that i needed to hurry cuz i had dr. andersons appt in 5 min, and so he went and put me on a machine and i was like what the?? i kinda needed to hurry haha and then my mom came in cuz she needed to do some stuff with insurance, and then my mom said to him again that i needed to hurry cuz of my doc. appt... then jon was like what?? i thought she said soccer haha ya i wish! jon, what were you even thinking? haha next time i will be sure to say it clearer for you haha. funny!  in med anatomy we had to watch a video showing an acl repair like live, and i could not do it haha just the thought that that actually happened to me, i could just not deal with it haha so my dreams of a doctor are kinda shattered, but maybe i'll ge over it! well thats all thats been going on, and the pic is of my keloid scar.. don't worry about it, I JUST HAVE TO SEE THAT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! FINE... 

no pyhsical therapy for two and a half weeks?? haha k im not mad! My physical therapists wife had a baby so i guess that a good enough reason for him not to be working... and hey i don't have to go either so it was good news for me :) just for an update, i can now walk up stairs pretty normally, i still need to use a railing, but i can finally turn my elevator key in to my school haha i've only had it for about 5 months now! im sure they will be glad to have it back... it will be hard to let go of that key haha i have grown quite attached to it. i used to wear it all day every day, so now what am i gonna have to do?? haha it will be good to get rid of it tho too... i can finally go to the gym and swim, and ride a bike! yes finally! it has to be the lower one, not like the spinning bikes, cuz if i try and ride that one, my knee pops every time i push down but at least i can ride the other kind of bike! i was so happy that i finally achieved that range of motion! yay! swimming is my new hobbie, i love it, and it feels so good on my knee, it helps stretch it out too! i can also do the oliptical, but only for like 15 minutes, and then my knee starts hurting pretty bad, but i can feel it getting stronger!! i think im ready to play soccer haha jk but i hope i can soon! i can kinda run, but very slowly, and it hurts, so i cant do it for more than like 20 seconds haha but im really starting to think i can come back from this! i still have to wear my stupid brace until i get measured for my next one, which i hope is soon, cuz im getting so sick of it! my mom still makes me wear it tho! so annoying! i don't even think i need to wear a brace anymore, my legs fine :) well thats pretty much it, i'll update after the next time i go to physical therapy which once again is not for 2 and a half weeks :) yes!...

let's go

so i'm pretty much loving not going to physical therapy haha (no offense therapists) my leg just doesn't hurt as bad, so its good! i was supposed to pt thursday but i was kinda sick so i decided to just start going again on tuesday... my knee is actually doing great! i feel like it's getting stronger, and im ready to just go! go run, play soccer, do ANYTHING worth while. i'm sick of people worrying about it, and i'm ready for this whole thing to be over with. i'm pretty sure i don't need my brace anymore, but my mom insists that i wear it, it's so annoying! i calcuated that i have had the same brace for 14 weeks, and there is 98 days in 14 weeks, and i average putitng my brace on about 5 times a day, so i did the math and i have put my brace on almost 500 times! like really? that is ridiculous! no wonder i hate it so much. i'm supposed to be getting a new one... but i haven't been the physical therapy so i guess its kinda my fault. my knee still kinda looks deformed, like some parts are swollen, and it just looks weird. i still can't feel anything to the right of the scar, but i probably will never get that feeling back haha oh well. it still hurts when i walk a little, but not bad at all! i can do the oliptical for 20 minutes now, so i know it's getting stronger. the bike is still difficult, and idk why! but i work on it almost every day. i'm pretty optimistic about being ready for soccer next year, but i need to keep working hard, and get my leg stronger. i'm ready to just put this whole thing beside me and just go :)


thats right, no more brace! i'm so happy. i don't have to wear it to school anymore, or when im just walking around, it is pretty much the best thing ever haha i feel so free! haha it has now been 5 months now that i have been wearing a brace on my knee, so to not have to wear one it is like the best! My leg does hurt more, but it will get used to it, and it will be great :) I did go to physical therapy this week, and i get to start the bridge program next week! so pumped :) but that means jon and donielle aren't my therapists anymore! so lame :/ but i will still go visit them! to start the bridge program, i had to get a sports brace. so Jon had to measure where my leg, and what my range of motion is. i got 123 degrees on bending, and -8 on straightening! so great :) then the brace man had to measure my leg, and he wasn't at the physical therapist place so he came to my house! haha awk... but he was a nice guy, i just thought it was kinda sketchy haha but he ordered my cool new brace, and i get it next thursday! the same day i start the bridge program haha sweet :) i'm ready for it, i know i am, i'm just so scared that i'm gonna hurt it again that its gonna be hard. i'm soooo ready tho! and before i know it, i will be able to play soccer again, and everything will be back to normal. today i went dress shopping for preference and my mom suggested i wear tights to cover up my scar haha i was like heck no! i'm showing off this beauty! i love showing my scar to ppl haha i usually introduce myself like hi im brittany doman... wanna see my scar?? haha it's great :) well thats about it, the first day i didn't have to wear my knee brace to school, was the best day since this whole thing happened... i felt normal again!
p.s. the pic is of the knee brace that im getting


so much has happened! i got my new brace, and it is great! it is a lot bigger than i thought it would be, and it doesn't fit exactly like i thought it was, and it kinda digs into my leg, but i am going to get it adjusted so then it should be perfect! :) i started the bridge program at p.t. and it is a killer! i had to run and skip and jump and run backwards and do all this stuff! my knee hurt the whole time, and it was very hard cuz i am outta shape, but hopefully it will get better! i was very sore the next day, and still kinda am haha and it has been a week! my leg just kills all the time again :( which is kinda frustrating, but i know its what i need to be doing toget back to soccer! i don't know how i can play soccer with my huge brace, or how im going to get back to sprinting, but hopefully it will work out?? everytime i try to like sprint, my leg pops in the back, but if  just jog then it is fine, it is just the motion of flexing and extention in a fast motion... idk... hopefully it will get better! time is just going by so fast, and i want it to slow down cuz before i know it, it will be time for soccer camp, and i am so far from ready! time just needs to slow down :) p.s. the pic is of my new brace

request by the ones who don't want their name said on this blog

so my therapists, who do not want their names on this blog anymore cuz they're weird, wanted me to blog about my great week. So here it is! Sooo my therapist who doesn't want to be named, we will just call him voldamort. He needed me to go to his office so he could get some measurements of my knee. cuz i pretty much have no choice, i said yes. so voldamort took some great measurements of my knee and my dang knee is still not straight! so voldamort, seeing that he had not inflicted pain on my recently, decided to stretch it out. BAD IDEA VOLDAMORT! Luckily my othere therapist, we will call her, Voldamorts innocent assistant, showed me a way funny video of david beckham, and that made my not want to cry anymore haha but still during the bridge program that day, my knee hurt the whole time! i could hardly run or do anything! then the next day i woke up and couldn't walk... at that point i pretty much wanted to beat Voldamort up! my mom called Voldamort just to make sure it was ok that i couldn't walk, and he said ya it was fine. so i guess it was my just being a baby haha. luckily it started feeling better and the bridge program on Thursday was a lot better :) my legs getting so much stronger! i played soccer yesterday and i couldn't shoot it, or kick it very hard but i could pass and juggle :) best feeling ever to be playing soccer again! so as much pain as Voldamort has caused me, i am glad he pushed me to get my leg better. so thanks to both Voldamort, and Voldamorts innocent assistant to making physical therapy as fun as it can be :)
p.s. the picture is of the chart that Voldamort drew me when i was talking about my bridge therapists and Voldamort pretty much said that i started off with the coolest therapists, and it is just downhill from here haha

ya pretty gross huh? not my fault i have keloided scars jeez

top ten plus 4 things i have learned/observed while at physical therapy

1. i hate the smell of cocoa butter
2. Air freshener sucks
3. once voldamort desides to leave the dickens festival, HE LEAVES!
4. Voldamort is also kinda obsessed about shoes, and is jealous about my ipad
4.1 neither therapists have facebooks.. are they really that deprived? jk :)
4.2 the red bar was my goal for like a month haha
4.3 one time voldamort heard i went to this dance with a boy named chase so for modivation he pulled out his chase credit card and made me look at while i was stretching my leg hahahaha
4.4 voldamort is kinda deaf. one time i walke in and said i had a doctors appointment and he interpreted it as i had a soccer game haha ya you have to speak loudly to him
4.5 "What's up giiiirllllll"
5. Voldamorts innocent assistant wants a DH soccer shirt, and she has a way cool phone, and shows me funny videos about David Beckham :)
6. Their favorite thing to do is make fun of this blog.. rude!
7. one time they almost called me to bring them a dairy queen, then they chickened out cuz im way too scary or somethin.. probably cuz im too popular
8. my mom almost passed out the first day, haha so i learned if i ever want her to pass out i can just show her a pic of the first day at p.t haha
9. sometimes it made me cry, sometimes i didn't wanna go
10. one time i bought voldamort a present and he labeled it diva(after me), then he used it on someone
11. It takes me like 2 months to warm up to ppl and start talking to them
12. the very first time i went, i was so scared (and way drugged up haha) but anyways now when i go, i feel cool cuz everyone knows me. mostly cuz of this blog,.. they probably dont even know what my injury was haha just that i have a blog that Voldamort makes fun of
13. i am famous because of my scar- it is 4 and a half inches long-i measured yesterday.. awesome
14. voldamort and voldamorts innocent assistant are the coolest therapists ever! i highly recommend them, and they are probs the best therapists in all of st. george.. holler. when i am done with physical therapy i will most definately go visit them cuz they are just that cool.
p.s. the pic is of all the braces i have had to deal with the passed 6 months.. i wont be mad if i never put one of those braces on again.

chillin at p.t... literally

well.. voldamort is supposed to be checking my leg right now, but because of his lack of planning i am sitting at his desk blogging about how bored i am.  i revisited the nustep just barely... very great. voldamort has this annoying wrist holder on his keyboard for when he types. maybe it is cuz his wrists hurt from trying to straighten my leg and also cuz i just heard he has tendonitis in his elbow.  probably cuz he's so weak.  i heard he was lifting 5 pds.. wow.

This is voldamort ghost writing for myself...Most of this blog about me is untrue!  And my innocent assistant...ha...not so innocent.  Brit was a really hard patient, she would cry sometimes while I was working on her to try to make me feel bad. A low blow indeed. Good thing I am so insensitive.  The "gift" she gave me was really something she bought for herself but said it was for me.  This was to make up for the really cool gift she got the not so-innocent assistant.  She is also boy crazy.  That is all she ever talks about.  That and how much her friends can eat:)

I am glad she is getting better and will be playing more soccer because that means she has less time to make fun of me via twitter, skype, the facebook, bolgspot, cheap trick, wobbly or whatever else she does...

P.S. The "Chase" credit card was one of my best ideas ever...she worked extra hard that day, don't let her kid you:)

um................................................ no comment

a few facts

i am done with the bridge program
my leg still does not feel 100% better
i never have to run backwards on the treadmill again
i still have to wear my stupid brace
i never see my physical therapists anymore
im kinda only a little bit sad about it
i started acceleration, so i feel like i will be going to that hospital for the rest of my life
cutting, (not actually cutting with a knife, obviously, but like switching directions) on my leg feels great
jumping on the other hand sucks (i guess technically it would be on the other leg.. oh well, im over it)
this will probably be my last post... yay?
it has now been 8 months... wow
my knee is bipolar. one day it will feel so gr8, then the next day it will be like day 1
soccer is still a 50/50 chance too, i can't decide
my scar looks good. i joke around that no one can see it anymore, but i know they can. it is getting better tho :)
well, so'long fellow blog stalkers ( i know that is only like one person, but i will still say bye) this is kinda like closure. i will no longer use the excuse "my leg hurts, or i can't do this cuz of my knee") im pretty sure i have worn that excuse out haha. well goodbye :) its been a heck of a journey


so.. ignore that last post cuz the day after i posted that, i woke up and couldn't walk to next day.. gr8. so my grandpa looked at my leg and said there was a bunch of fluid in the joints and to have dr. anderson look at it.. so dr. anderson originally said that i needed to wait 2 weeks and see if p.t. would make it any better, and if it didn't then he would schedule me for surgery and scope it to see what was wrong and i kinda said heck no. i did not want to wait another 2 weeks just to get surgery, and THEN start my recovery. so cuz my mom is cool she convinced him to schedule me for surgery the following week. so here i am waiting to go to surgery wishing that this whole thing would just go away. i really wish they would just cut my leg off and get me a freakin prosthetic leg. it would probs be easier! jeez. so hopefully they will go in there and be like oh her leg is was screwed,,, lets just cut it off! i would not be mad!! so after surgery i have to probably go through P.t again, so sorry physical therapists for making you have me as a patient twice! i know im a pain.. but sorry. it is now may 18, and has been exactly 8 months from my injury.. seriously?? this is so dumb. well, i'll keep you posted!

surgery #2

yesterday i had my second surgery on my knee. i had a torn lateral meniscus and a ton of scar tissue around my ACL. so they fixed it, and now im back on the road to recovery. because my sister is have major issues i get to have physical therapy up in salt lake. this kinda sucks cuz i want my old therapists back! no one is as cool as then, and they had that cocoa butter especially for me! so now i have to deal with people i don't know, and gross cocoa butter. awesome.. but at least my leg is fixed now and hopefully i will get back to playing soccer again. i don't know though. i really don't want to go through all this again, but i don't think i really have a choice. the pain is a lot better than my first surgery and i think it will be a little easier. well i know no one reads this now so its just for my own good haha but hopefully i will be getting to my last post!!!! :)


maybe both these scars will heal keloided.. i'm over it! i get the stitches out in 3 more days and i'm so excited! i'm supposed to be only putting partial weitht on it for 2 weeks, but because of my circumstances i was walking on it on the 2nd day haha it feels so good though! for the first time in 8 months i can finally walk on it with no pain at all, and i can straighten it all the way out. it has never felt better! i am also supposed to going to physical therapy but i haven't been. i am going to go once next week sometime just to get the stitches out and make sure it is ok, but after that then i'm done worrying about it, and done caring about it. it better get stronger and tougher cuz it's not getting anymore sympathy haha but i think it is going to be fine :) soccer is more in the picture now than before, and i think if it continues to feel this good, then i will be playing soccer for sure this year :) well thats it! i will post more when i go to physical therapy and get my stitches out :)

all star team

i made the team!!! yay! i have never been this happy haha this team is the team voldamort and his innocent assistant put together of their top patients. i'm pretty sure i was their top pick :) i mean, why wouldn't i be?? i bring them stuff, do whatever they tell me to do, and even blog about them. what more could they ask for? only 20 candidates were chosen for this team, and i am SO privlidged to be one of them! with this power comes great responsibilities haha like now i should probably make a team of my top therapist, and i need to be extra nice to them, AND i better not complain about the exercises they make me do. my knee does feel great tho! voldamort took the stitches out yesterday (thanks for only a slight second of pain with each stitch) and i don't think the scars are going to heal keloided.. yes! i finally feel like my leg is all healed, and i am ready to play soccer again :) voldamort begs to differ... he says 2 more weeks until i can start running! when he said this i gave him the meanist death glare ever. i was so mad! but i REALLY don't want to get surgery again, so i guess i will obey his orders. well, thats about it! i am just so thankful that my knee is healed, and i made the ALL STAR TEAM!!! :)

so.. third surgery

well i had a third surgery.. in salt lake with dr. beck. they cleaned out all the scar tissue and did a lateral release. this was about 5 weeks ago, and it feels good now! i have been working so hard on physical therapy so the scar tissue doesn't build up, and i think it is finally fixed! (knock on wood) so yes i've gone back to physical therapy and learned some pretty great things while i have been going.. mostly about voldamort's innocent assistant. turns out voldy was right.. she isn't so innocent! so here is the "story"
- not-so-innocent assistent and her husband have a "song" which isn't that big of a deal but voldamort thinks it's the end of the world or something. i think he is jealous. or it could be the name of the song which is "big brass bed." ya super awkward. here is a link to youtube if you wanna listen to it.. haha ANYWAYS we started talking about this and voldamort was massaging my leg since i am there to get it better, and he started massaging it so hard that i almost shed some tears.. ya NOT OK! i guess he just got mad cuz him and his wife don't have a song! so i found them one.. go watch it. hahahaha so what did i learn from this? hmm while voldamort has the power to inflict pain on you, don't talk about him and his wife not having a song. 
so yep that's the story and oh ya the not so innocent assistant trips and almost falls A LOT, and sometimes she tries to watch bad stuff on tv. 
and since this blog is about my knee, i would like to say that it is all better and i am planning on playing softball this year :) thanks therapists for getting me through this journey. it has been exactly one year since my ACL surgery, thanks for putting up with me :) you guys rock!